Why Choose Us?

Richard Garcia, owner

Premier Construction and Home Services is committed to high quality results. With almost 30 years of work experience in the home remodeling and services industry, we understand the importance of good quality work. Our contractors have multiple years of experience in the industry. They are dedicated to hiring quality contractors who share Richard’s passion of good customer service. They are equally as committed to superior quality materials.

Richard comes from a family committed to the construction and related industries. This lifetime exposure to the industry has provided Richard with a deep understanding of customer needs. He will look at the home owners situation and suggest ways to save money on the home repair and/or remodeling projects.

Richard Garcia says it was a natural result of his innate inclination. “I’ve always been mechanically inclined and enjoyed working with my hands, so it just made sense for me to be interested in construction and repair. I started working for a local contractor when I was in high school, and after I graduated, I got into the millwrights union, which is a division of the carpenters union. Eventually, after working for the same company for 25 years, I decided to go out on my own and get my contractor’s license.”

In his life and career, Richard espouses the residual rewards that come from lending a helping hand. “At the end of the day, I like knowing that I was able to help someone in need,” he says. “For me, being in business is not just about making money; it’s about being satisfied with my work. I get great satisfaction from performing the work itself and helping people in their homes.”

Commitment and Accountability

Loyalty to his customers is a vital part of his premier services. Richard works just as hard to maintain a positive relationship with his customers as he does to quality work. Construction work is messy business, but Premier Construction and Home Services works very clean and leaves the work area clean at the end of the day. Communication is vital to home remodeling. Richard believes explaining the  work progress is key to a successful project. He will explain the work, answer questions, resolve problems, and accommodate changes.